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Aesthetic veneers are dental covers attached to the frontal part of the tooth to change colour, form, measure and length. They are made by resin material with ceramic particles. This treatment requires only one session to be done and let us make the desired change in your smile immediately.


It is an aesthetic dental treatment to lighten the original colour of the teeth and make them whiter and brighter. Dental whitenings let us remove most of the internal or external rests of tea, coffee, other infusions, tobacco, red whine, etc. In Clínica Gargallo we use LASERWHITE® system to get a better result.



It is the treatment of the dental pulp. When the dental pulp is affected by traumas or deep decays an endodontic treatment must be diagnosed to keep the teeth. Once the treatment is finished, teeth will be weak and dehydrated so it is recommended to put a metal-porcelain cover to strengthen them.


Applying laser technology in dentistry offers a lot of advantages impossible to get with other techniques or procedures. Some of these advantages can be observed in: better surgical post-operation, herpes treatments, improvements in gingival diseases (periodontics), dental whitenings and reduction of dental sensitivity.


It is a procedure based on the administration of sedative medication to reduce anxiety or fear related to the dental treatment. Thanks to sedation, the treatment can be developed with a quiet and relaxed patient so we can work better and quicker.


It is dentistry applied to young people. It is carried out by professionals specialized in children who know psychological techniques to control and calm the patients. In children, prevention and care is the most important thing by flourizations, sealants, etc...


It is the part of dentistry focused on treating decays in all their phases: from the smallest ones until those affecting a big dental surface. Nowadays we work with very advanced techniques which help us to do the fillings with aesthetic materials instead of the black fillings used years ago.


It is a functional defect in the chewing system. It affects the position and the functionality of the mandible and can cause pains (in muscles, ears, neck, jaw or back), limitation of mouth movements and noises when opening and closing the mouth.


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